The Children Center for Balance & Harmony, Ltd, provides an outdoor program created by Russ Lawson for the purpose of giving children the opportunity to come into balance and harmony in their lives and in the world around them using the wonders and subtleties of nature to create an experience of peace.  He is supported in this work by his wife Francesca Patruno.

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Russ has chosen to focus with the ADHD, Asperger’s and sensitive type children because he sees himself in them and knows that each one has the potential to live a happy successful life. He holds the firm belief that most, if not all, have special gifts and challenges that will have long standing effects on their success as adults. The program works to create a solid foundation by using appropriate tools to maximize their gifts and meet their challenges.  It can be the difference between accomplishing goals or living in frustration. We believe every child can live in harmony and happiness in their relationships and fulfill their dreams.

Although he has a degree in physics and mechanical engineering and has worked professionally in those fields, Russ is an ‘outdoor kid’ who grew up in rural Maine and happily spent most of his childhood (when not in school) outside, summer and winter.  Inspired by his grandmother, who was a master gardener and naturalist, he discovered and has been fascinated ever since by the varied and intricate world of nature. He later went on to study wildlife biology and served as a park ranger. He has been involved in youth programs in sports and the outdoors since the mid-80’s, and most recently volunteered with the Wilderness Youth Program in Santa Barbara.

With a need to improve his own health, Russ developed an interest in the effects of diet, yoga and meditation, and began exploring alternative medicine in the early '70's.  He is a certified Touching the Light practitioner, a Reiki master and has been working with the Perelandra Essences for over 25 years, as well as other Perelandra processes.