Description of Services

Perelandra Essence Balancing

A general balancing will bring one into a state of balance.  First time can take from 15 minutes to an hour or more.

After a general balancing, acute symptoms can be addressed such as a fresh injury, waking up with a pain in the shoulder, or any other new physical problem.

Chronic problems require more work because they usually took a long time to create, and consequently take some work to heal.  I recommend a Touching the Light session as a beginning point for chronic issues.

Perelandra Essences are water based solutions holding electrical patterns derived from the different kingdoms and elements of nature that balance, stabilize and repair the body's electrical system on all levels of being.  Muscle testing is used to choose the essences, then one drop of each is put in a spoon and taken orally. 

Microbial Balancing Process

This is a powerful process in which the body's microbes are brought into balance - virus, bacteria, fungi and 'other'.  This process can take 2-3 hours and the only reason I include it here is because some times it is what is needed and I have found it very effective - worth the time and effort. 

For example, Nature always seeks balance, including when there is cancer in the body.  So if there is a treatment (outside influence) ongoing to kill the cancer and the microbes are trying maintain a balance that includes the cancer, the treatment will be more effective if the microbes are brought back to their original purpose of supporting a healthy body without cancer.

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Back in the late '80's I (Russ) went to a Perelandra Workshop led by Machaelle Wright because I wanted to grow a garden like the amazing Findhorn gardens, and she offered a way to do this using muscle testing for someone (me) lacking Eileen Caddy's communication skills with Nature.

At the end of the garden workshop, Machaelle made a pitch for the Perelandra Flower Essences (then just the two boxes of garden flower essences).  Flower essences had always seemed rather airey-fairey to me, but Machaelle so impressed me as a person that I took a set home.  Feeling a little foolish, I learned her method of muscle testing and started testing for the essences every day.  For two weeks it was an act of faith, until one morning after taking the essences, I could feel a difference! 

In the 25+ years since, I have experienced the Perelandra Essences (now 6 boxes) effectingamazing changes both in myself and others, and highly recommend them. 

Additional Health Support:

The Perelandra web page has a great introduction from Machaelle called Celebrating the Power of the Individual.

There are now numerous support systems offered from Perelandra, and one of the simplest and effective is the MBP Balancing Solutions, which are taken once before bedtime to support overall health and do not require muscle testing. 

The PIC Package

This is the Tesla of the programs (once we would have said Cadillac…).  Our experience with it has shown it easier and more effective than just using essences for daily maintenance or addressing specific conditions.  It also requires a bigger investment and working with more solutions, and in other words, with more healing patterns.

In the PIC (Perelandra Information Center)  Brochure, Machaelle says:

”PIC is a specialized “library and classroom in the sky” that holds the complete body of information about our four groups of Perelandra bottled products:

1. the five sets of Perelandra Essences

2. the full line of ETS for humans, animals and environment

3. the full line of MBP Balancing Solutions

4. the full line of Perelandra Solutions for humans and animals,

including EoP and Seasonal Balancing

I have always been mindful of what I cannot say publicly about these products.

Numerous times over the past thirty-five years I have reviewed, reduced and refined the information I send out with our bottled products to better meet the newest government regulations. Then I sit here at Perelandra and think (or fume) about how frustrating it is that I can’t just come out and tell you what these products can actually do. Recently my frustration led me to I ask this question: “How in the world can Perelandra convey full and complete information about our bottled products to those who want it when surrounded by a world of regulations that don't apply to us, make no sense, and appear to be never-ending?” The answer: There are more ways to convey accurate information to others than the usual and currently practiced time-honored ones. Nature can help set something up that addresses all these issues.

 Enter PIC. The Perelandra Information Center blows open the information behind every one of our bottled products and, for the first time, this complete range is available to you             without alteration or compromise. It is straight, clear and customized to each person.  It even provides a personalized classroom for you to gain understanding about the products you use and how they address your issues and needs. In short, PIC takes us into a new world and a new level of information sharing.

For more information about PIC go to


Note:  Neither I nor my comments are endorsed by Machaelle Wright or Perelandra, Ltd., and I receive no compensation from them.



Product Descriptions

ETS Plus for Humans

‘Perelandra ETS Plus is an emergency trauma solution that fits everyone’s needs for any sudden or long-term traumatic situation.  It’s premixed and easy to take.  A family can purchase Perelandra ETS Plus and use it for everyone in the house.  It may be given to friends, enemies, family and neighbors.  It is a universal solution.

Examples of situations for taking ETS Plus:

·        Accidents and Attacks

·        Illness

·        Situations

·        Shocking Personal, Local and Global News

·        Traumas within Traumas

ETS Plus stabilizes you physically, mentally and emotionally after experiencing an emotion, mental or physical trauma.  It does not take the place of needed and qualified medical attention such as having a broken bone set, receiving stitches or taking needed medications.’

(from the ETS Plus Brochure, Perelandra, Ltd.)

We use it anytime we are feeling stressed or faced with a difficult situation, and take it with us everywhere we go.

The Perelandra Essences & Essence Balancing

‘The Perelandra Essences are oral solutions that are taken to balance, stabilize and repair the body’s electric system and its circuits during times of illness, injury and stress.  They are also taken for maintaining the overall strength and balance in the electric system.

The HUMAN ELECTRIC SYSTEM is a vast network of circuits that runs through and around the body.  Every element, ever organ, every system in the human body has its electric circuits.  Every molecule, every cell, every aspect of the body has its circuits.  And every level of being (physical, emotional, mental and soul) has its own electric circuits.  The most extensive and complex system in the human body is its electric system.  If we could stretch an average adult’s electric system out in a straight line, it would be about forty-seven miles long.

The Perelandra Essences are water-based solutions holding electrical patterns derived from the different kingdoms and elements of nature.  Each electrical Essence pattern balances, stabilizes an repairs the body’s electric circuits in two ways: (1) They address weakened or damaged circuits in targeted areas of the body that have been it by illness or injury, and (2) They also provide the needed balancing for specific mechanical functions and properties that rare contained in and are a part of biological electric circuits no matter where the circuits are located in the body.

The underlying foundation for the body’s healing process is its electric system.  The healing process is activate and driven by the electric system.’

(from the brochure ‘Perelandra Essences’ by Machaelle Small Wright)

I (Russ) have personally used these essences for over 25 years for myself, my family and others, and have found them gentle, yet powerful.  Many other health practices have been tried and faded away over time – this is the only one that continues because it works!

 Microbial Balancing Solutions

‘The Perelandra MBP Balancing Solutions give back to the body what the planetary environment can no longer supply.  They couldn’t be easier to use… They are oral solutions that are taken once or twice a day, depending on what you need.

Each MBP Balancing Solution balances, builds and strengthens its respective system. (For example, the Respiratory System Balancing Solution balances, builds and strengthens a person’s respiratory system.)  This enables the system itself to function properly and address any illness, condition or disease related to that system.’

List of Perelandra MBP Balancing Solutions: Perelandra web page

Microbial Balancing Program Kit

A management tool?  Or a powerful process to create/re-create balance in the physical body through working with our microbes (who out-number our cells by 10-100 times).  Our microbes are an essential part of digestion and many other aspects of our health, and I find this an essential and complementary tool to working with the Perelandra Essences.

In the intro to 431 page manual that comes with this kit, Machaelle says “I went on to explain that the Microbial Balancing Program connects humans and nature in a new and intimate way.  In this program, human health and balance are achieved by focusing not on the human, but on the health and balance of the vast and vibrant population of living organisms called microbes.  Up to now, we have developed a highly adversarial relationship with viruses, fungi, bacteria and protozoa.  We control them by killing them.  After all, we humans are a lot bigger than they are, and killing the “little buggers” should not be an issue for us.  But in the Microbial Balancing Program, we turn 180 degrees from this thinking and deal with human health issues by cooperation with and ensuring the balance and well-being of the “little buggers.”  We make peace, not war.”

She goes on further to say “With this edition of the Manual, I feel I can truly invite you to enter the world of microbes and join in a partnership with them to create a mutually advantageous balance that results in life long health and vitality for you and your microbes.”