The purpose of the program is to bring the child into balance and harmony in their life through focused outdoors time, the use of Perelandra Essences, and supporting techniques as appropriate to each unique child.  The essences work with the electrical system and are compatible with medications.  This program is particularly suited for high energy children who need to develop social skills.  Some behaviors can originate from physiologic imbalances - there will be more information about this in the 'EarthShip Assessment' page.

This program uses Heliotrophic therapy and Earthing, and remedies Nature Deficit.  In other words, there is lots of sunlight exposure and fresh air with bare feet in the sand, plus all the surrounding shore birds, sea animals and sand critters.

The initial commitment is once a week for four weeks; the first session being an interview and introduction to the program with a review of challenges and the goals of the parent and child.  At this time, the parent can receive an Essence Balancing if they would like to experience Perelandra Essences.

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Each session after the initial interview starts with a review of the past week and Essence Balancing followed by outdoor time in Nature which will vary according to each child and their personal inclinations.  Please allow 1 1/2 hours for the session.

Cost:  The initial 4 week program is $245

          An additional 4 weeks is $195

         6 months is $995

The long term goal is to have group outdoors activity to develop skills learned in the one-on-one sessions, and develop new friendships between unique children.

What does not happen: 

  • There is no therapy - this is solely an outdoors educational program that includes mentoring for life skills.
  • The following areas are not discussed:  religion, sex, or politics.

Also available in addition to the outdoor program is the 'Earthship Assessment' which is a confidential subjective assessment of environmental factors that are known to affect a child's health.  Since many of these children are highly sensitive, what affects them can be beyond what might be considered the usual. 

The Earthship Assessment will give the opportunity to make changes in external conditions affecting health and well-being, some of which can be quite easy, and some of which may present a greater challenge or expense.  The goal is to identify and correct factors that are causing negative physical, emotional and mental conditions.

The Earthship Assessment includes an in-home survey and written report identifying specific items known to have a negative impact on childrens (and often adults) health.  Identified will be products used in and around the home, conditions of the home environment and home location, life-style, and diet with recommendations of changes for greater health and well-being.

Cost: $195 within 15 miles of Santa Barbara